The Water:
Quite possibly the most important substance on earth, water is a natural builder, holder and cleanser of life. Good drinking water should not only be clean, it should help purge toxins, which build up in our body. The best water though, can prevent aging and oxidation.
The Minerals:
Certain minerals have the ability to react with water to not only provide great taste, but actually cause an ion exchange to produce negative hydrogen ions to help reduce oxidation. The measurement of this activity is known as Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP). A higher ORP value allows for more oxidation, while a lower ORP value indicates the water’s ability to slow oxidation or act as an antioxidant.
What does this bottle do?
What does this bottle do? This bottle contains minerals forged using natural elements, which produce a negative ORP to form a well-balanced antioxidant water. Filling Water Minerals with water and allowing the minerals to come in contact is the start of producing the most beneficial glass of water you will ever experience.